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Automatic backup (snapshot)

mCloud platform allows you to create backup for each VPS (a snapshot of the entire server). When you create a backup, the system will record the current state of your server.

The size of backup space is calculated according to how much disk space the data takes. If you want to use the auto-backup option that will automatically make daily and weekly backups, you will need to purchase enough space to store 3 copies of the entire server backup (daily, weekly + space for rotation, where the next scheduled backup will be stored, before it is deleted by the older one). You can change the frequency of backups, according to your preference.

Regardless of the auto option, you can always manually run the backup at the time it suits you (for example, before making some major changes).

This type of backup service allows the whole server to return from backup to production, very quickly and easily. Since it is not possible to retrieve only certain files or data from the database, we activate a separate server for copying the image from the backup. After the user downloads the lost files, the copy of server is deleted.


Service typeMonthly in RSD
Cloud hosting - mHosting 1245,00
Cloud hosting - mHosting 2490,00
Cloud hosting - mHosting 31.225,00
Cloud Server - mServer 50GB463,75
Cloud Data Centar - 100GB872,50

Additional disk space

In case you need to create just an easy accessible backup of database, certain files, etc, we suggest the option of adding an additional disk to which a script will copy the data. Additional disks do not have to be SSD, but rather a more affordable options, for example, SAS. You can also set up the auto-backup option for this additional disc.

Service nameMonthly in RSD
SAS disk 10GB420,00

Incremental backup

Incremental backup saves specific directories or files that have changed since the previous backup, with the full history of changes you can search through.

After an initial full backup, it keeps only the differences made since the previous backup on a daily basis. Differences can be made more often depending on the content of the server.  The incremental backup does not copy the contents of all the files each time, but copies only the differences from the last time (which takes a smaller backup space when storing a longer history), so it is possible to backup millions of files in this way. When a backup is returned, the client can view the history of any single or complete file of the file.

This type of service can be used in several ways:

  • leasing additional server on which backup would be done
  • leasing an additional disk attached to the production server (which also has automatic backup/snapshot of this disk).

For more information, please contact us and we will recommend the solution that would suit your needs.