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Anycast DNS

DNS infrastructure is something that is necessary in particular to take into account, since the DNS as a service is the key building block of the Internet. In response to this criticism and the needs of users, the anycast access is implemented on DNS servers.globe

Anycast DNS service allows for identical, globally dispersed and installed DNS servers to advertise information from different physical locations and networks. The users are being primarily served with data from the physically closest location and in case of a problem from the next closest. Therefore, significantly greater reliability and redundancy is achieved as well as efficiency and better balance of queries towards DNSs, and the maintenance and update of information for domain zones has never been easier. Also, the benefits are much greater security and resistance to DDoS attacks.

The use of Anycast DNS service is allowed without extra compensation for all users who have leased some mCloud service. The users have at their disposal the following options:

  • Add/Change DNS template
  • Add/Change A record
  • Add/Change MX entry
  • Add/Change CNAME (Alias Name)
  • Clone DNS adjustments from some other domain
  • Add/Change AAAA record
  • Add/Change TXT record
  • Add/Change NS record
  • Add/Change SRV record
  • Change TTL values (1-48 hours).

Anycast DNS options are at disposal if you have a registered domain with us and use mCloud DNS servers, and if you have only server and you’d wish to use the existing domain registered in other place, enough to create a ticket allowing us to activate for you this service.