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mCloud SLA

In this document, we shall use the following definitions:

  • “mCloud platform” – is the computing infrastructure consisting of: servers, storage, access computer network, and software system for the management of virtual servers, which the provider maintains and through which provides mCloud Server rental services.
  • “mCloud Server“ – is the virtual server rental service, with installed operating system and defined hardware resources, on the provider’s mCloud platform.
  • “mApp” – is the service that includes a third party product (software or software package), which is installed on one or more virtual servers, on the provider’s mCloud platform.
  • “HA” – means “High availability”, i.e. high availability of the mCloud plaftorm, which is based on a redundant server, storage, and network infrastructure.
  • “mCloud Data Centre” – is the private mCloud platform rental service, on which platform the user independently creates virtual servers, through which they can independently configure the number of CPUs, RAM, size and type of disks (SATA/SAS), backup space, network interface speed, the amount of Internet traffic, and the number of IP addresses
  • “Business day” – any day of the week (Monday to Friday), which is not a national holiday, in the location relevant to mCloud d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia. A normal business day lasts for (8) working hours, from 9 am to 5 pm.


All the general provisions are defined by the Agreement on the Use of mCloud Service, which mCloud concludes with the User and/or the Terms and Conditions of the Use of the Service, published on

mCloud provides a basic level of support for all mCloud services free of charge. The basic level of technical support included in the price of the service involves taking care of the functionality of the platform on which the mCloud servers are located and the control panel, as well as basic analysis and identification of operational problems. This level of technical support includes consulting services on business days from 9am to 5pm, through the ticketing system or by sending an email to

The basic level of support for mCloud users includes the following:

  • Initial installation of the mCloud server with the desired operating system
  • Ensuring full functionality of the platform on which the mCloud servers are located, as well as the control panel for the mCloud users.
  • Primary analysis of the problem based on the user’s report, and identification of problems in the operation of the mCloud server, which includes:
    • Analysis of whether the mCloud server has used up the rented RAM or CPU (not including finding out the causes of the RAM or CPU being used up),
    • Analysis of whether the mCloud server has used up the disk space (not including findout the causes of disk space being used up),
    • Analysis of whether the services stated by the user (e.g. Apache, MySQL, mail server) are raised or not,
  • Taking care of HA and data centre infrastructure for seamless access to the mCloud platform (redundant power, cooling, network operation…)
  • Flexible mCloud infrastructure that enables expansion at any time,
  • Upgrading of the provider’s mCloud platform,
  • Problem solving, related to the stability of the mCloud platform.
  • 24×7 availability and automated system of monitoring and supervision of the provider’s mCloud platform.


mCloud provides guarantees for mCloud services under conditions that are the same for all clients who use the service, with a standard level of support. We guarantee use of redundant network, server, and storage infrastructure, with guaranteed 99.99% availability on a monthly basis.

  • Network

Network connectivity of 99.99% on a monthly basis is guaranteed for the entire system, excluding the pre-announced downtime for regular maintenance.

  • Data Centre Infrastructure

By Data Centre infrastructure we mean the redundant power supply system, the cooling and humidity maintenance system, as well as the fire alarm system. For infrastructure systems in the Data Centre, we provide a guarantee that they will be functional for 99.99% of the time per month, excluding pre-announced downtime for regular maintenance.

  • Hardware Infrastructure

The system consists exclusively of brand name equipment (Cisco, NetApp, Fujitsu, APC). All equipment has a A/B power feed with 99.99% availability on a monthly basis, and we use a 24×7 independent system for monitoring and notification.

mCloud guarantees that the hardware infrastructure of the mCloud platform will be functional 99.99% of the time per month. If a system problem occurs on the mCloud platform, mCloud does not assume the obligation to automatically backup the content of users’ mCloud servers. If the user requires a backup, they need to rent the space on the mCloud backup server or work locally on an alternative location.

mCloud is not responsible for any interruptions in the availability of the service that result from mCloud’s work on service maintenance or on the infrastructure of its network or hub, as well as the Internet provider’s network infrastructure, provided that mCloud notifies the user 2 days before the works commence, and that the downtime lasts no longer than 6 continuous hours. Whenever possible, mCloud shall carry out planned work during the lowest traffic period.

In the event that migration of the mCloud server, the mApp or the mDataCentre system for hardware replacement, regular maintenance, or the like, is required mCloud shall notify users at least 24 hours before the start of such an operation. If mCloud deems urgent migration necessary to protect user data on the servers, this process will be begun immediately.

  • Terms of system support
  • 24×7 monitoring of the proper functioning of all equipment and all services in the system, with rapid detection system.
  • Hardware maintenance of the entire system, with service support of the equipment manufacturer.


mCloud guarantees that the network infrastructure, as well as the connection with mCloud’s Internet provider, will be functional 99.99% of the time on a month basis, not counting announced and planned works. If availability is lower than 99.99%, except in the case of planned (and announced) maintenance times, mCloud will approve a reduction of the charge for the service that was not available, in the appropriate amount:

Monthly availability Service credit
Above 99.99% No credit
Between 99.99% and 99.9% 3%
Between 99.9% and 99% 10%
Between 99% and 90% 50%
Under 90% 100%

In the event of service unavailability due to problems in the mCloud infrastructure, mCloud shall not be responsible for any data loss caused by hardware fault, unless mCloud has previously assumed responsibility for ensuring data backup. In the case that the guarantees for hardware infrastructure are not met, mCloud will approve a reduction of the charge for the period of unavailability based on the service credit table, for the period of exceedance of the guaranteed service availability time.

Any reduction of the amount of the charge for the provided services shall be clearly stated on the invoice. Reductions are approved for the period of exceedance of the guaranteed service availability time, and the measurement is performed starting from the moment when the user or mCloud’s system for monitoring and reporting reports an error a service performance error, and ending at the moment when the error is eliminated and normal operation restored.

The reduction is applied at the user’s request, which is submitted within 30 days of the moment of the error report, which is verified by mCloud.


An official user request is sent exclusively in writing – in electronic format to the address of the department in charge, as follows:

  • For sales related enquiries (price and upgrade possibilities, engineering services, other commercial terms and conditions, etc.), contact the sales department, by creating a ticket or by sending an email to The sales department will send a preliminary answer to such requests within 24 hours, within the time covered by the business day.
  • For enquiries of a technical nature (help, problem reporting, etc.), contact technical support by creating a ticket or by sending an email to, and the response time depends on how critical the problem is, which is assessed by mCloud:
    • In a low priority case (when looking for suggestions, consultation, help to use the service better, and the like), the response time is one business day (the response arrives not later than the next business day at the same time), and the provider is not obliged to resolve the ticket positively.
    • Urgent request (for example, access to a server which cannot be accessed directly or through the console in the mCloud control panel, i.e. unsuccessful attempt to restart the server from the control panel) entails a response time of no more than 2 hours during business hours, or 12 hours outside business hours.