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mcCloud platform allows you to install or host your service or application on a high quality, fast and redundant local cloud infrastructure. Service belongs to the group of advanced IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions integrated with additional services: domains, ssl certificates, dns services, CDN service, and pre-installed SaaS solutions. It is a fully completed product which aside aforementioned services includes online payment mechanisms and account survey in one place. Also, total communication with us goes through an integrated ticketing system and is archived.

Opportunities provided by the platform includes easy and quick scaling and expansion of resources, if necessary, add new servers or services with a few mouse clicks, high availability and minimal downtime in the event of failure of one of the segments of the cloud infrastructure or server with automatic migration and restart the server on healthy segment of the cloud platform.

As such, mCloud platform is unique in the region and the only one offering that in one place, 100 percent independently, without technical or administrative obstacles, you lease and manage services online with a delivery taking only a few minutes (in the case of credit card purchases).
Key element of the mCloud offer is our domestic, expert and consulting support that will regardless of the type of the inquiry, i.e. the ticket, will answer you and at least direct you to find a solution, i.e. eliminate your dilemma.