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refmCloud infrastructure is designed with an emphasis on quality, by the most experienced engineers, with over 15 years of experience in the construction and maintenance of complex networks and servers. We only use the equipment and solutions that have demonstrated the required levels of performance and reliability that are required for high availability systems and comes from the world’s most distinguished manufacturers. Thanks to carefully built infrastructure, we are able to offer the highest levels of availability, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

We have distributed equipment in three data centres in Belgrade which are all interlinked via fiber optic channels of the 2×10 Gbps speed. All data centres are equipped with advanced systems for uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning and fire protection, and meet the high Tier 3 requirements for security. As a member of the confederal network we can offer CDN services worldwide through that network. Anycast DNS service consists of 14 DNS servers deployed around the world for the sake of redundancy and load resistance.

All data centres have N + 1 redundant power supplies, cooling systems and fire alarm and are under 24 / 7 monitoring, including physical security and anti-terrorism measures of defense. The capacity of Internet links are 21Gbps with connection with the local point for the exchange of Internet traffic – SerbianOpen Exchange, which provide the strongest infrastructure intended exclusively for providing the highest quality hosting services.