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datacOur equipment is in three data centres in Belgrade, all of them interlinked via fiber optic channels of 2×10 Gbps speed. All data centres are equipped with advanced systems for uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning and fire protection, and meet the high Tier 3 requirements for security. The capacity of Internet links are 35+Gbps with connection with the local point for the exchange of Internet traffic – Serbian Open Exchange, which provide the strongest infrastructure intended exclusively for providing the highest quality hosting services.

Data centres:

  • TIER 3
  • Redundancy minimum N + 1 on all capacitive infrastructure components (UPS, DEA, air conditioning cabinets, chillers, pumps)
  • Dual powered IT equipment racks. A/B power feed with the guaranteed availability of 99.999%, 24 hours + generator
  • Redundant cooling system
  • Redundant fire-extinguishing system
  • Physical security/video surveillance 24/7 including anti-terrorism protection.


  • 35+Gbps uplink capacity
  • Darkfiber ring in Belgrade/Serbia connects 3 Data centres
  • Latency<3ms between Data Centres in Belgrade
  • Latency from Belgrade towards abroad: LINX UK<40ms | CERN CH <35ms | RIPE NL <40ms | Paris FR <50ms | Milan IT <40ms | Vienna AT <40ms.

Monitoring and reporting in a case of a problem with infrastructure:

  • 24/7 monitoring of complete platform, all infrastructure services /devices (over 20 graphs per device / monitoring per minute).