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If you need cPanel or Microsoft licenses with the server, you may lease them and pay on a monthly basis as needed without big initial investments that you would need if you were buying them independently.

cPanel licenses

cPanel VPS Optimized license18,02 €200,00 €

Ensure that your virtual server has a cPanel license

Microsoft licenses

Windows Server 16 Standard26.00 €280.80 €
Windows 2008 Web Edition  R2 x6426.00 €280.80 €
Windows 2008 Standard Edition R2 x6426.00 €280.80 €
Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition  R2 x6436.00 €388.80 €
Windows 2012 Standard Edition  R2 x6426.00 €280.80 €
MS SQL Server Express edition0.00 €0.00 €
MS SQL Server Web edition17.60 €185.86 €
MS SQL Server Standard edition176.00 €1858.50 €
MS SQL Server Enterprise edition680.00 €7180.80 €
All prices are VAT included.