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The best chooses the best! Many successful and visited websites are hosted on the mCloud platform that provides professional hosting solutions, significantly more advanced than traditional ones, primarily in terms of redundancy, flexibility and scalability, as well as SLA guarantee. All solutions are the product of domestic experts with equipment located on the territory of Serbia with local support. Clients who expect the highest quality of services and base their business on the Internet presence are choose for mCloud. Provide you with a stable and fast hosting for your site: 

✅ Servers in Serbia
✅ High-Speed SSDs
✅ 99.99% uptime guarantee
✅ Scale your resources at any time!

mCloud was created in year 2013. as sub-brand of the Mainstream Company, the biggest managed hosting provider in Serbia. Due to the large business development, mCloud is in 2018. singled out as a separate legal entity, mCloud d.o.o. Company is fully committed to delivering advanced hosting services.

For demanding users who do not need fully managed hosting services and who, on the other hand, expect the highest quality, we have developed the mCloud platform allowing them to forget problems of insufficient resources, unreliable infrastructure and capacity, small print in contracts, tedious administrative procedure, etc. Of course, for users who would like a monthly maintenance of their mCloud services and 24 x 7 support, we are providing additional service – monthly maintenance of server.

When it comes to Cloud hosting services hardware must not be the reason for unavailability and we can guarantee that.  Our hosting services are a significantly more advanced option compared to a traditional solution, firstly when it comes to redundancy, flexibility, and scalability as well as SLA guarantee.

For your total comfort, users in one place can manage their servers, lease domestic and international domains, manage DNS scripts and buy SSL certificates, while beneath everything there is the same hardware platform as in the case of the biggest websites.

Recently mCloud family has been expanded by a new member – Plus Hosting, a brand which has so far been recognized for extraordinarily dedicated support in the world of shared hosting. Their response time is very short, and the way they address user problems is not a mere maintenance of the hosting platform, but real help in customers business, sometimes including site optimization.

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You are at the right place because the best choose the best.